This section contains a representative sampling of articles and chapters


Reframing Shared Governance: Rediscovering the Soul of Campus Collaboration – 2009

Creativity Forums: Learning from the Lives of Extraordinary Leaders – 2009

Charting a New Course for the Scholarship of Management Teaching and Learning: Future Directions, Powerful Opportunities, a Hopeful Future – 2008

Learning From the Toxic Trenches: The Winding Road to Healthier Organizations – and to Healthy Everyday Leaders – 2008

Learning from an Extraordinary Life – Einstein: His Life and Universe – 2008

Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking – Loss and Change: A Developmental Opportunity for Teaching Wisdom, Compassion, and Respect for the Human Condition – 2007

Seedfolk: A Celebration of Diversity – 2006

Career Counseling Revisited: A Developmental Perspective – 2005

The Dean’s Squeeze: Myths and Realities of Academic Leadership in the Middle – 2002

Education for Leadership: A Pedagogy of Courage, Love, and Passion – 1998

When Authority Equals She – 1995

Gender and Silence: The Implications of Women’s Ways of Knowing for Effective College Teaching – 1995

Women’s Experience and Ways of Knowing – 1993

Teaching Reframing With Films and Videos – 1993

Understanding the Organizational Behaviors Classroom Developmentally – 1993

Revisiting the Same Case: An Exercise in Reframing – 1992

Developmental Diversity – 1989


Artful Teaching: Using the Visual, Creative and Performing Arts in Contemporary Management Education – 2008

Making Sense of Organizations: Leadership, Frames, and Everyday Theories of the Situation – 2007

Reframing Complexity: a Four Dimensional Approach – 2006

On Becoming A Scholar: One Woman’s Journey – 1996


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